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Kaldet til hellighed
fra paverne
Hellige Johannes Paul II
Holiness is not a question of age. (WYD 2002 in Toronto)
Do not be afraid to be the saints of the new millennium! (VUD 2000 i Rome)
"Dare to be saints!"
Christ calls us to holiness (31.03.1985)
Pave Benedict XVI
"Dare to be glowing saints!" (24.09.2011)
Meeting with the candidates for Confirmation in Milan (02.06.2012)
Pave Francis
Dear friends, the world needs saints and we are all called to holiness without exception. Don’t be afraid!   (@Pontifex: 01.11.2017)
Today, as we remember Saint John Paul II, let us also recall his words: “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ!”   (@Pontifex: 22.10.2017)
Along with the Saints, let the joy and beauty of living the Gospel shine through the witness of our lives.   (@Pontifex: 15.10.2017)
Like Saint John XXIII, whom we remember today, let us witness to God’s goodness and mercy before the Church and the world.   (@Pontifex: 11.10.2017)
Like Saint Francis of Assisi, let us be transformed by the love of Christ in order to live in simplicity and joy.   (@Pontifex: 04.10.2017)
Like Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, let us learn from the humility of God who became small for us.   (@Pontifex: 01.10.2017)
Like Mother Teresa, may we open up opportunities of joy and hope for the many who are discouraged and need understanding and tenderness.   (@Pontifex: 05.09.2017)
Today we give glory to God for the work of Saint Dominic in the service of the Gospel which he preached with his words and his life.   (@Pontifex: 08.08.2017)
Like Saint Ignatius of Loyola, let us be won over by the Lord Jesus and, led by Him, place ourselves at the service of others.   (@Pontifex: 31.07.2017)
Helgener som vidner og håbets ledsagere: "Det er muligt at være en helgen, fordi Herren hjælper os."  (Katekesen:  21. juni 2017 - YOUCAT nr. 342) 
The Church needs everyday saints, those of ordinary life carried out with coherence.   (@Pontifex: 07.06.2017)
Today we remember Blessed Charles de Foucauld who said, faith calls us to see Jesus in every human being.   (@Pontifex: 01.12.2016)
On this feast of Saint Andrew, with fraternal affection I am close to Patriarch Bartholomew and pray for him and the Church entrusted to him.   (@Pontifex: 30.11.2016)
The saints have found the secret of authentic happiness, which lies deep within the soul and has its source in the love of God.   (@Pontifex: 01.11.2016)
“Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors for Christ!” – Saint John Paul II, 22 October 1978.   (@Pontifex: 22.10.2016)
Holiness is to live by being loving and offering our Christian witness in our everyday lives.  (@Pontifex: 19.10.2016)
Let us go forward with courage on the path to holiness!   (@Pontifex: 16.10.2016)
Let us carry Mother Teresa’s smile in our hearts and give it to those whom we meet along our journey.   (@Pontifex: 04.09.2016)
Let us imitate Mother Teresa who made works of mercy the guide of her life and the path towards holiness.  (@Pontifex: 03.09.2016)
May a powerful gust of holiness sweep through all the Americas during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy!  (@Pontifex: 27.08.2016)
The Saints are not supermen, nor were they born perfect. When they recognized God’s love, they followed it and served others. (@Pontifex: 05.06.2016)
Holiness is courage, hope, grace, and conversion.  (Homily at Mass at Santa Marta: 24. maj 2016)
The Jubilee is a year-long celebration, in which every moment becomes a chance for us to grow in holiness. (@Pontifex: 06.04.2016)
The time has come for new messengers of Christ, ever more generous, more joyful and more holy. (@Pontifex: 30.11.2015)
Uganda has experienced the witness of Christian martyrs. May they help us spread the joy of the Gospel without fear. (@Pontifex: 28.11.2015)
Saint Joseph Vaz, teach us to grow in holiness and to live the Gospel’s message of mercy. (@Pontifex: 14.012015)
Holiness in everyday life.  (Katekesen:  19. november 2014 - YOUCAT nr. 342) 
The martyrs teach us that wealth, prestige and honor have little importance: Christ is the only true treasure. (@Pontifex: 16.08.2014)
Holiness means giving ourselves in sacrifice every day. And so married life is a tremendous path to sanctity!  (@Pontifex: 09.05.2014)
 To be a saint is not a luxury. It is necessary for the salvation of the world.  (Homily: 6. februar 2014)
If we decide to avoid gossip, in the end we will become a saint!   (Angelus: 16. februar 2014)
Holiness doesn’t mean doing extraordinary things, but doing ordinary things with love and faith.  (@Pontifex: 05.12.2013)
The Kingdom of Heaven is for those who place their trust in the love of God, not in material possessions.  (@Pontifex: 22.11.2013)
To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone. (@Pontifex: 21.11.2013)
The Saints were not superhuman. They were people who loved God in their hearts, and who shared this joy with others. (@Pontifex: 19.11.2013)
Saints are people who belong fully to God. They are not afraid of being mocked, misunderstood or marginalized. (@Pontifex: 07.11.2013)
The Creed: Church is holy (Katekes 02.11.2013)
Prayer, humility, and charity toward all are essential in the Christian life: they are the way to holiness.. (@Pontifex: 16.07.2013)