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April 9, 2017
  A huge “thank you”, dear young people! St John Paul II rejoiced in Heaven, and will help you bring the joy of the Gospel wherever you go. - @Pontifex : 07/31/2016
  World Youth Day                 Mission
07/31/2016 - Jesus speaks to you every day. Let His Gospel become yours and let Him be your “navigator” on life’s journey!
07/31/2016 - God counts on you for who you are, not for what you have. You are valuable in His eyes and your value is priceless.
07/31/2016 - God love us as we are: no sin, fault or mistake can make Him change His mind.
07/30/2016 - Jesus is calling you to leave your mark on life: one that transforms your own life and the lives of others.
07/30/2016 - God is inviting you to dream: He wants to show you that you can make the world a different place.
07/30/2016 - We have come into the world in order to leave a mark.
07/30/2016 - Jesus seeks hearts that are open and tender toward the weak; hearts that are not hard, but docile and transparent.
07/30/2016 - Jesus wants truly consecrated hearts that live by His forgiveness and share it compassionately with their brothers and sisters.
07/30/2016 - "I desire mercy, not sacrifice". Francis. Sanctuary of Divine Mercy.
07/29/2016 - Dear young people, this evening the Lord renews His invitation to take the lead in serving others.
07/29/2016 - Let us embrace the Cross. Jesus embraces the nakedness, hunger, thirst, loneliness, suffering and death of all men and women of all time.
07/29/2016 - Anyone who performs works of mercy is not afraid of death.
07/29/2016 - How I wish that we, as Christians, could be close to the sick the same way Jesus was: in silence, with a caress and in prayer.
07/28/2016 - Jesus Christ encourages us to lift up our eyes and to dream lofty dreams. During these days of the WYD, Jesus wants to enter our homes.
07/28/2016 - A merciful heart has the courage to leave comforts behind and to encounter others, embracing everyone.
07/28/2016 - The Lord loves to participate in the events of our daily lives and to walk with us.
07/28/2016 - The Lord is amongst us and takes care of us, without deciding for us.
07/27/2016 - Let's live WYD in Krakow together!
07/26/2016 - Dear young people, stay united in prayer so that this WYD may be rich with spiritual fruits. See you tomorrow!
07/25/2016 - Dear young people, let us offer the world a mosaic of many races, cultures and peoples united in the name of Jesus!
07/25/2016 - Dear young people, I bless your journey towards Krakow: may it be a pilgrimage of faith and fraternity.
04/24/2016 - Dear Young People, with the grace of God you can become authentic and courageous Christians, witnesses to love and peace.
04/23/2016 - Dear Young Friends, your names are written in heaven in the merciful heart of the Father. Be brave and go against the tide!
10/16/2015 - Dear young people, do not be afraid to give your all. Christ will never disappoint you.
10/08/2015 - Dear young people, ask the Lord for a free heart so as not to be ensnared by the false pleasures of the world.
07/28/2015 - Dear young people, do not be afraid of marriage: Christ accompanies with his grace all spouses who remain united to him.
10/10/2014 - Dear young people, Christ is counting on you to be his friends and witnesses to his infinite love.
09/18/2014 - Dear young people, listen within: Christ is knocking at the door of your heart.
08/15/2014 - Dear young people, Christ asks you to be wide awake and alert, to see the things in life that really matter.
08/15/2014 - 친애하는 젊은이들에게, 예수님은 저희에게 우리 삶에서 정말 중요한 것들을 놓치지 않고 볼 수 있도록 항상 각성하고 깨어 있으라고 하셨습니다
08/14/2014 - Saint John Paul II, pray for us and especially for our youth.
07/15/2014 - Dear young people, do not be mediocre; the Christian life challenges us with great ideals.
07/03/2014 - Dear young people, do not give up your dreams of a more just world!
02/14/2014 - Dear young people, don’t be afraid to marry. A faithful and fruitful marriage will bring you happiness.
02/04/2014 - Dear young people, Jesus gives us life, life in abundance. If we are close to him we will have joy in our hearts and a smile on our face.
01/27/2014 - Dear young people, let us not be satisfied with a mediocre life. Be amazed by what is true and beautiful, what is of God!
01/04/2014 - Dear young people, Jesus wants to be your friend, and wants you to spread the joy of this friendship everywhere.
12/07/2013 - Dear young people, put your talents at the service of the Gospel, with creativity and boundless charity.
11/15/2013 - Dear young people, always be missionaries of the Gospel, every day and in every place.
10/14/2013 - Dear young people, do not be afraid of making decisive choices in life. Have faith; the Lord will not abandon you!
10/05/2013 - Dear young people, you have many plans and dreams for the future. But, is Christ at the center of each of your plans and dreams?
09/06/2013 - Dear young people, pray with me for peace in the world.
07/31/2013 - Dear young friends, it is worth wagering one’s life on Christ and on the Gospel, risking everything for great ideals!
05/28/2013 - Dear young people, the Church expects great things of you and your generosity. Don’t be afraid to aim high.
04/26/2013 - Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you!  Do not be afraid to dream of great things!

  World  Youth  Day
WYD Panama 2019: “I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word” (Lk 1:38)  (Message for the 34th World Youth Day, 2019)
WYD 2018: “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God” (Lk 1:49)  (Message for the 33rd World Youth Day, 2018)
WYD 2017: “The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is His Name (Lk 1:49)  (Message for the 32nd World Youth Day, 2017)
WYD Kraków 2016: “Saint John Paul II has rejoiced from heaven, and he will help you spread the joy of the Gospel everywhere.”  -  (Angelus - Campus Misericordiae, Kraków: 07/31/2016)
WYD Kraków 2016: “Come down, for I must stay with you today. Open to me the door of your heart” (Lk 19:1-10) -  (Holy Mass for World Youth Day - Campus Misericordiae, Kraków: 07/31/2016)
WYD Kraków 2016: "Today’s world demands that you be a protagonist of history.”   (Prayer Vigil with the Young People of WYD - Campus Misericordiae, Kraków: 07/30/2016)
WYD Kraków 2016: “The Lord once more asks you to be in the forefront of serving others.”   (Way of the Cross with the Young People of WYD - Jordan Park, Błonia, Kraków: 07/29/2016)
WYD Kraków 2016: "The Father’s Mercy has an ever-youthful face"  (Welcoming Ceremony by the Young People of WYD - Jordan Park, Błonia, Kraków: 07/28/2016)
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" (Mt 5: 8)   (Message for the XXXth WYD 2015: 03/29/2015 - YOUCAT n. 283)
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 5:3)   (Message for the XXIXth WYJD 2014: 04/13/2014 - YOUCAT n. 283)
WYD Rio 2013: “Go and make disciples of all nations!” (cf. Mt 28:19)  ( Catechesis: 04/09/2013 // Proposition 51 of the Synod)
WYD Rio 2013: The living, universal Church is visible  (Angelus: 08/04/2013)
Now, young friends, we must continue to live day by day all that we have professed together at WYD.  (@Pontifex: 07/30/2013)
We need to model our lives on the life of Jesus, so as to share his sentiments and his thoughts (@Pontifex & homily: 07/28/2013)
Dear young friends, learn to pray every day: this is the way to know Jesus and invite him into your lives.  (@Pontifex & message: 07/27/2013)
Every Friday is an opportunity to remember how much Jesus has suffered for us. Lord, never let us forget how much you love us. (@Pontifex & message: 07/26/2013)
Never forget, young friends: The Virgin Mary is our Mother and with her help we can remain faithful to Christ.  (@Pontifex & homily: 07/24/2013)
Let us thank Blessed John Paul II for WYD and for the many vocations born during these 28 gatherings.  (@Pontifex: 07/24/2013)
The Church is young, as everyone can see at WYD. May the Lord always keep us all young at heart. (@Pontifex: 07/23/2013)
How many wish to be in Rio for WYD but can’t! May they feel at one with us in prayer. (@Pontifex: 07/21/2013)
Year of Faith: Day for youth in preparation for World Youth Day (Angelus: 03/24/2013)
Year of Faith: Day for youth in preparation for World Youth Day  (Homily: 03/242013)
Jubilee for Boys and Girls: The Lord will guide your hearts to “love without being possessive”, because love is a free gift which calls for an open heart (Jubilee of divine Mercy - Homily of Pope Francis - 04/24/2016)
Value: the worth that God has given you, hope and dignity (Meeting with the young people in “José María Morelos y Pavón” Stadium, Morelia (Mexico) - 02/16/2016)
Prayer, Peace, forgiveness and reconciliation (Meeting with the young people at Cathedral Square, Bangui (Central African Republic) - 11/29/2015)
To struggle against evil in the society: Prayer to Jesus and Mary (Meeting with the young people at Kololo Air Strip, Kampala (Uganda) - 11/28/2015)
The prayer of the Rosary and the Crossway to struggle against evil (Meeting with the young people at Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi (Kenya) - 11/27/2015)
Three ideas to keep our hope alive. (Meeting with the students, "Fr. Félix Varela Cultural Center", Havana, Cuba - 09/20/2015)
Lord Jesus, give us strength. Give us a free heart. Give us hope. Give us love and teach us how to serve. Amen. (Meeting with the young people in Asunsión, Paraguay - 07/12/2015)
Love is concrete: it resides in the gestures, he communicates and is chaste (Meeting with the young people in Turin (Italy) - 06/21/2015)
Responsible attitude to the new media and to our neighbour  (Meeting with the young people in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - 06/06/2015)
Challenges to learn to weep and to love, and to serve the poor. (Meeting with the young people in Manila (Philippines) - 01/18/.2015 // 1 Tim 4:12-16 & Mk 10:17-22)
The glory of the martyrs shines upon you! (Closing mass for the sixth Asian youth Day - 08/17/2014)
“순교자의 영광이 너희를 비추고 있다!” (제6회 아시아 청년 대회 폐막 미사  - 2014-08-17)
Lord what do you want from me? (Meeting with the Asian Youth - 08/15/2014)
“무엇이 나를 기다리고 있을까요?” (아시아 청년들과 만남 - 2014-08-15)
Dear young people, do not give up your dreams of a more just world!   (speech: 07/05/2014)
   To engaged couples preparing for marriage (International meeting on February 14, 2014)   
Meeting with young people in Assisi. Vocations: marriage... (Speech: 10/04/.2013)
Meeting with young people at the conclusion of the event "Cast your nets" in Largo Carlo Felice  (Speech: 09/22/2013)
Dear young people, be true "athletes of Christ"! Play on his team!  (@Pontifex: 07/28/2013)
There is no cross, big or small, in our life which the Lord does not share with us.   (@Pontifex: 07/26/2013)
  The Christian life is not limited to prayer, but requires an ongoing dedication and courage born of prayer. (@Pontifex:& message: 07/25/2013)
Dear young friends, Christ has confidence in you and he entrusts his own mission to you: Go and make disciples!  (@Pontifex: 07/23/2013)
Dear young friends, learn from Saint Joseph. He went through difficult times, but he always trusted, and he knew how to overcome adversity.   (@Pontifex: 05/01/2013)   
 To dream of great things (Dialogue and catechesis: 04/24/2013)
  The role of women & youth mission (Catechesis // YOUCAT n. 105-108: 04/03/2013)
 Holy Thursday : Prison for Minors "Casal del Marmo", Rome (Homily : 03/28/2013)