O Jesus,
I love You so much.
Take me, take my whole being,
lead me to You!

O Jesus!
I want to be Your child.
in joy and sorrow,
please let me never alone!

O Jesus!
I love You so much.
Take my heart,
because I want to share
Your great pain!

O Jesus!
I love You so much.
Take everything away from me,
what hinders me
on the way to You!

Peaceful village near the German-French border in the Saar area of Germany, in a natural and green forest,

where many hiking trails pass through – including the way to Santiago de Compostela ...  

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Discover Marpingen, Marian place, source of grace, visited by the Virgin Mary and her Son ...


1699 1876
1999 2005
2006 Today


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