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2018-01-21 - Don't waste time hiding your heart. Fill your life with the Holy Spirit!/span>
2017-08-24 - Humanity needs hope in order to live and needs the Holy Spirit in order to hope.
2017-08-21 - May the Holy Spirit grant peace to the whole world and heal the wounds of war and terrorism.
2017-06-23 - Go forth and reach out to all people at the margins of society! Go there and be the Church, with the strength of the Holy Spirit.
2017-06-04 - Let us allow ourselves to be humbly led by the Holy Spirit in order to avoid taking the wrong road and closing our hearts.
2017-05-30 - Christian joy comes from the Holy Spirit, who gives us true freedom and the gift of bringing Jesus to our brothers and sisters.
2017-04-02 - When the Holy Spirit abides in our hearts, it is he who makes us understand that the Lord is near and takes care of us.
2017-03-28 - If we learn to read everything in the light of the Holy Spirit, we realize that everything is grace!
2017-03-13 - May the Holy Spirit lead us on a true journey of conversion, so that we can rediscover the gift of God’s word.
2017-02-19 - Let us be moved by the Holy Spirit in order to be courageous in finding new ways to proclaim the Gospel.
2016-11-23 - May the Holy Spirit help us to be patient when enduring, and to be humble and simple when advising.
2016-05-16 - The gift of the Holy Spirit has been bestowed in abundance so that we may live lives of genuine faith and active charity.
2016-05-15 - Come, Holy Spirit! Free us from being closed in on ourselves and instill in us the joy of proclaiming the Gospel.
2015-05-23 - Let us invoke the Holy Spirit each day: He guides us along the path of discipleship in Christ.
2015-05-22 - Lord, send forth your Holy Spirit to bring consolation and strength to persecuted Christians.

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We need the Holy Spirit to transmit the faith. We cannot do it alone. - @Pontifex: 02/13/2018