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1. Matteus kallelsen (Mt 9:9-13) 11/01-2023
We don't have to wait til we are perfect to bear witness to Jesus; our proclamation begins today, right where we live. And it does not begin by trying to convince others, but by witnessing every day to the beauty of the Love that has looked upon us and lifted us up. @Pontifex
2. Den oöverträffliga modellen för evangelisation: Jesus 18/01-2023
Let us pray to God so that he might grant us a pastoral heart that suffers and takes risks in bearing witness. It is not only a burden, but also a duty, to bring the Word of God to those who have been entrusted to us and to those whom we meet in our daily lives. @Pontifex
3. Jesus själv valde att presentera sitt budskap 25/01-2023
What is the shortest way to encounter Jesus? Make yourself needy. Recognize your need for grace, your need for forgiveness, your need for joy. And Jesus will draw near to you. #GeneralAudience. @Pontifex
4. Förkunna evangeliet med ödmjukhet, hängivenhet och ömhet 15/02-2023
The proclamation of the Gospel does not begin from us, but from the beauty of what we have freely received: meeting Jesus, knowing Him, and discovering that we are loved and saved. It is such a great gift that we cannot keep it to ourselves, we feel the need to spread it. @Pontifex
5. The protagonist of the proclamation: the Holy Spirit 22/02-2023
The Spirit sheds light on the path of the Church. He is not only the light of hearts, He is the light that orients the Church: He brings clarity, helps to distinguish, to discern. This is why it is necessary to invoke Him often; let us also do so today, at the beginning of #Lent @Pontifex
6. The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. 1. Evangelization as ecclesial service 08/03-2023
Every baptized person is sent to announce the Good News by loving and serving others. We cannot remain mere spectators. Apostolic zeal impels us to always seek new ways of proclaiming and witnessing to God's love. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
7. Det andra Vatikankoncil: Vi är alla kallade att vara apostlar 15/03-2023
The treasure we have received with our Christian vocation, we are obliged to give: it is the dynamic nature of the vocation, the dynamic nature of life. @Pontifex
8. Att vittna om sin tro - Paulus VI:s apostoliska uppmaning Evangelii nuntiandi 22/03-2023
Chosen and loved by God, we are called to live "as is fitting among the saints" (Eph 5:3), to clothe ourselves with sentiments of goodness, humility, magnanimity, bearing the fruits of the Spirit. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
9. Vittnen: Aposteln Paulus (1) 29/03-2023
We must never forget the moment and the way in which God enters into our lives, treasuring in our hearts and minds that encounter with Grace that enkindles faith in our hearts and sparks zeal for the Gospel within us. @Pontifex
10. Vittnen: Aposteln Paulus (2) 12/04-2023
Brothers and sisters, filled with the joy of the Risen Christ, let us ask the grace of being a Church "moving out", the community of missionary disciples taking initiative and committed to proclaim the Gospel of peace and mercy. #GeneralAudience #Easter @Pontifex
11. Vittnen: Martyrerna 19/04-2023
Praising God is like breathing pure oxygen: it purifies the soul, it makes you look far ahead, it does not leave you imprisoned in the difficult and dark moment of hardship. @Pontifex
12. Vittnen: Gudsvigda som lever i kloster visar universell kärleka: Gregorius av Narek 26/04-2023
Monks and nuns are the beating heart of the proclamation of the Gospel: their prayer is oxygen for all the members of the Body of Christ, the invisible force that sustains the mission. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
13. Vittnen: "Se på Frans Xavier och följ hans exempel!" 17/05-2023
Amidst the hardships and difficulties of the missions, may the commitment and example of Saint Francis Xavier help us discover the deep joy of the missionary, happy to bring Christ to the farthest ends of the earth. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
14. Att vara Jesu lärjunge är den kristnes identitet 24/05-2023
When the Gospel is lived in its fullness, we do not turn in on ourselves, but bear witness to the faith by making it become a contagious faith. Our passion for evangelization is born in this way. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
15. Vittnen: Matteo Riccis kärlek till kineserna är en inspirationskälla 31/05-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
16. Vittnen: Låt oss ta hjälp av lilla Thérèses vittnesbörd 07/06-2023
On what would have been her 150th birthday, let us ask Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, the patron saint of missions, for the grace to love Jesus as she loved Him, the grace to offer Him our trials and our sorrows, as she did, so that He might be known and loved by all. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
17. Heliga Mary MacKillop och undervisning som evangelisation 28/06-2023
Education does not consist in filling heads with ideas, but in accompanying and encouraging students on a journey of human and spiritual growth, showing them how friendship with the Risen Jesus enlarges the heart and makes life more human. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
18. Evangeliet sprids vidare på modersmålet: Helige Juan Diego 23/08-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
19, Heliga Kateri Tekakwitha: Ett extraordinärt liv i det lilla 30/08-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
20. Den salige José Gregorio Hernández var "de fattigas läkare" 13/09-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
21. Helige Daniele Comboni, som var missionär på den afrikanska kontinenten 20/09-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
22. Heliga Josephine Bakhita: Förlåtelse ger värdighet och frihet 11/10-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
23. Helige Charles de Foucauld "lät Jesus tyst agera" 18/10-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
24. De heliga Kyrillos och Methodius, slavernas apostlar 25/10-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
25. Madeleine Delbrêl förmedlade trons glädje 08/11-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
26. Evangelii Gaudium - 'Evangeliets glädje'- Jesus är vår glädje 15/11-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
27. Kristen förkunnelse är för alla" 22/11-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
28. Den kristna förkunnelsen av glädjen som är inneboende i Kristi budskap 29/11-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
29. Förkunnelsen av evangeliet alltid sker i helig Ande 06/12-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
30. »Effata!« (det betyder: Öppna dig!) (Mk 7:31-35) 13/12-2023
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex