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Novena to Saint Joseph
Påve Franciskus katekes Audiens
1. Josef och hans miljö 17/11-2021
Saint Joseph, you who came from the periphery, help us change our vision and to take care of those persons who are discarded or are on the margins of society. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
2. Josef i frälsningshistorien 24/11-2021
The Lord puts people who suffer on our path, people who feel alone or have lost their strength and courage. We must know how to recognize them and, with Saint Joseph's help, become their friends and their support on the journey of life. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
3. Josef, en rättfärdig man, Marias man 01/12-2021
 #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
4. Josef, tystnadens man 15/12-2021
 As we draw near to #Christmas, let us learn from Saint Joseph how to cultivate spaces for silence in which another Word can emerge, that of the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
5. Josef, en förföljd och modig migrant 29/12-2021
Saint Joseph, you who have experienced the suffering of those who must flee to save the lives of their loved ones, protect all those who flee because of war, hatred, hunger. Guide their steps and open the hearts of those who can help them. Let us #PrayTogether #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
6. Josef, Jesu fosterfar 05/01-2022
Saint Joseph, you who loved Jesus with fatherly love, be close to the many children who have no family and who long for a daddy and mommy. Support the couples who are unable to have children, help them to discover, through this suffering, a greater plan. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
7 – Helige Josef snickaren 12/01-2022
#GeneralAudience @Pontifex
8 - Josef, fader i ömhet 19/01-2022
Tenderness is not a question of emotion or sentiment: it is the experience of feeling loved and welcomed even in our poverty and misery, and thus transformed by God's love. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
9 - Helige Josef: Mannen som drömmer 26/01-2022
 #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
10 – Helige Josef och de heligas gemenskap 02/02-2022
The saints are friends with whom we can grow in friendship. We all need friends who can help us deal with life. This is the trust which enlivens us when we turn to the saints in the decisive moments of our lives. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
11 - Sankt Josef den goda dödens skyddspatron 09/02-2022
It makes no sense to accumulate if one day we will die. What we must accumulate is love, and the ability to share, the ability not to remain indifferent when faced with the needs of others. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex
12. Helige Josef, den universella kyrkans skyddspatron 16/02-2022
I encourage you to ask for the intercession of Saint Joseph precisely at the most difficult times in your life. Where our mistakes become a scandal, let us ask Saint Joseph to give us the courage to speak the truth, ask for forgiveness, and humbly begin again. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex