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Jungfru Maria,

Värdighet och mission
av kvinnan

Det andra Vatikankoncil

I invite you to meditate on the last chapter of the Constitution
of the Second Vatican Council on the Church,
Lumen Gentium (n. 58), which speaks of Mary in the mystery
of Christ and of the Church.
There it says that Mary “advanced in her pilgrimage of faith” [Pope Francis - Regina Coeli 2013-05-05]

Meeting of His Holiness Pope Francis with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

Catechesis of the popes

"Om vi står med Maria, ståndaktig vid korset, är vårt hopp säkert"  2014-09-15

I sitt moderskap har kyrkan jungfru Maria som förebild 2014-09-03

The Blessed Virgin Mary as the image and model of the Church 2013-10-24

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Image of obedient faith 2012-12-19

The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Second Vatican Council 1997-09-24

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On the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, let us #PrayTogether for our dear brothers and sisters in China. May the Holy Spirit guide and help them to be bearers of the happy message, witnesses of charity, and builders of justice and peace in their country. 05/24/2021

Let us entrust ourselves to the maternal intercession of Mary Most Holy so that the Holy Spirit may descend in abundance upon the Church of our time, fill the hearts of all the faithful and kindle in them the fire of his love.

Mother of the Lord, Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary, show us the power of your protective mantle. From your arms come the hope and peace of which we are sorely in need. #OurLadyOfFatima

I entrust to the Virgin Mary, Health of the Sick, all those who carry the burden of illness, along with their families and healthcare providers. I warmly assure everyone of my closeness in prayer. #WorldDayOfTheSick #OurLadyOfLourdes  11/02-2020

Jesus, newly born, was mirrored in the face of His mother. From her, He received His first caresses; with her, He exchanged the first smiles. With her began the revolution of tenderness. The Church, looking at the Baby Jesus, is called to continue that revolution. 02/01-2020

May Mary, Mother of the Prince of Peace and Mother of all the peoples of the earth, accompany and sustain us at every step of our journey of reconciliation. 01/01-2020

Interview with Pope Francis

Interview with Pater Antonio Spadaro

Star of the New Evangelization

By Saint John Paul II at the beginning of the Third Millenium in Novo Millennio Ineunte n. 58 (2001-01-06)

By Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 287-288 (2013-11-26)


Maria, Guds Moder, Theotokos -
Påven Franciskus tankar 2019-01-01

100th anniversary of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- Greeting of pope Francis  05/12/2017

Påvens bön till Maria

Women bring harmony that makes the world beautiful
- Homily at the morning Mass 09/02/2017

"Maria, Herrens första lärjunge"
- Angelusbönen på Malmö Stadion  2016-10-31

Marian Jubilee 2016:
Mary, our Mother - Homily of Pope Francis: 10/09/2016

Marian Jubilee 2016:
Marian Vigil - Meditation of Pope Francis: 10/08/2016

"Am I not your mother? Am I not here?", Mary tells St Juan Diego -
Homily in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe: 02/13/2016

Mary visits and helps her cousin Elizabeth -
Homily in Santiago de Cuba: 09/22/2015

Conclusion of the Marian month -Recitation of the Holy Rosary  05/31/2013

The sorrows of the Virgin Mary
Homily in Caacupé, Paraguay:

To follow the exemple of Mary at the wedding feast of Cana
Homily à Guayaquil,
Ecuador: 07/06/2015

The mission of the woman

Apostolic exhortation of pope Francis Evangelii Gaudium n. 103-104 (2013-11-26)

I say to you: let your ideal be the dignity of woman and of her mission! (Speech of Saint John Paul II 1979-04-29)

Apostolic letters and encyclicals

The Blessed Virgin Mary
Apostolic exhortation of pope Francis Evangelii Gaudium n. 284 (2013-11-26)

The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Apostolic letter of Saint John Paul II
Rosarium Virginis Mariae (2002-10-16)

Dignity and vocation of the woman
Apostolic letter of Saint John Paul II
Mulieris Dignitatem (1988-08-15)

The Blessed Virgin Mary
in the life of the Pilgrim Church

Encyclical letter of Saint John Paul II
Redemptoris Mater (1987-03-25)

2020-01-01 - Today we invoke the Mother of God, who gathers us together as a people of believers. O Mother, give birth to hope within us and bring us unity. Woman of salvation, to you we entrust this year. Keep it in your heart.
2020-01-01 - In the womb of a woman, God and mankind are united, never to be separated again. In God, there will forever be our humanity and Mary will forever be the Mother of God.
2020-01-01 - Let us begin the year in the sign of Our Lady, the woman who wove the humanity of God. The rebirth of humanity began with woman. If we want to weave humanity into the webs of our day, we must begin again with woman.
2019-12-15 - May the Virgin Mary help us so that, as we approach #Christmas, we do not allow ourselves to be distracted by external things, but make room in our hearts for the One who has already come and wants to come again to heal our illnesses and to give us his joy.
2019-12-10 - May Our Lady of #Loreto help us to walk the path of peace and fraternity based on acceptance and forgiveness, respect for others, and on love; may she grant families the blessing of life; and may she bring help and comfort to those in need. #LauretanJubilee
2019-09-12 - Today we celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary. I invite everyone to turn to Our Lady. Let her inspire you with a Christian outlook, so as to live like and imitate her Son Jesus ever more.
2019-09-08 - Let us turn in prayer to the Holy Virgin on this day when we remember her birth, the dawn of salvation for humanity. #Angelus
2019-08-16 - Let us ask Our Lady to protect and sustain us; that we may have a strong, joyful and merciful faith; that she may help us to be saints, to meet her one day in Paradise.
2019-08-15 - Mary's journey to Heaven began with that "yes" pronounced at Nazareth. Every “yes” to God is a step towards Heaven, towards eternal life. Because the Lord wants us all with Himself, in His house!
2019-07-16 - Today, the Feast of #OurLadyofMountCarmel, we contemplate the Virgin who stands beside the Cross of Christ. That is also the place of the Church: close to Christ.
2019-06-10 - Holy #MaryMotherOfTheChurch, help us to entrust ourselves fully to Jesus and to believe in His love, especially in times of trial, beneath the shadow of the Cross, when our faith is called to mature.
2019-05-31 - Contemplating Mary allows us to turn our gaze to all those many women, mothers and grandmothers who, by their quiet sacrifices, devotion and self-denial, are shaping the present and preparing the way for tomorrow’s dreams. #ApostolicJourney #Romania
2019-05-24 - Mary is a woman who walks with the grace and the tenderness of a mother; she unties all the knots of the many problems we manage to create, and she teaches us to stand upright in the midst of storms. #MaryHelpOfChristians
2019-05-24 - We pray for the Catholics in China. May Our Lady of Sheshan help them witness to the faith, in communion with the universal Church, and to persevere in unity despite the wounds and the trials, trusting in the hope that does not disappoint.
2019-05-13 - Mary, Virgin of #Fatima, we are certain that each one of us is precious in your eyes and that nothing in our hearts has estranged you. Guard our life with your embrace, guide us all on the path to holiness.
2019-05-08 - Virgin of the #HolyRosary, help us to be of one heart and one soul, a holy people journeying toward our Heavenly home.
2019-05-03 - In many countries May is the month of Mary. May the Mother of God accompany us and protect Christians in fighting against the forces of evil. Let us entrust ourselves to her and pray for the Church and for peace in the world.
2019-03-25 - May the Blessed Virgin help everyone, especially young people, to follow the path of peace and fraternity, based on welcome and forgiveness, on respect for others, and on the love that is the gift of self.
2019-01-01 - May Mary, Mother of God, protect and accompany us during this new year and bring the peace of her Son into our hearts and the world.
2018-12-12 - Let us beg the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to continue accompanying and protecting the peoples of the American continent. #VirgendeGuadalupe
2018-12-08 - What is the secret of Mary’s beauty, “tota pulchra”? Not appearances, or that which passes, but a heart totally centred on God.
2018-11-21 - May the Virgin Mary help us joyfully follow Jesus on the way of service, the royal road that leads to Heaven.
2018-09-12 - Mary our Mother knows the joys and difficulties that we experience along our journey.
2018-09-08 - May the Virgin Mary help us abandon ourselves with joy to God’s plan for our lives.
2018-08-12 - Mary, Mother of tenderness who is always near, teach us how to live and have faith.
2018-07-16 - May the Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of Carmel, accompany you on your daily journey towards the Mountain of God.
2018-06-09 - Mary is exactly what God wants His Church to be: a loving and humble Mother, poor in possessions but rich in love.
2018-05-24 - Today we are united in prayer with our Catholic brothers and sisters in China, on the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians of Sheshan.
2018-05-13 - Our Lady of Fatima, turn your gaze towards us, towards our families, our country, and the world.
2018-05-08 - Our Lady Queen of the Rosary, pray that Jesus may have mercy on us sinners.
2018-04-09 - Today God is still searching for hearts like Mary's, hearts that are ready to trust in Him completely.
2017-12-08 - May the Virgin Mary always be our refuge, our consolation, and the way that leads to Christ.
2017-11-21 - May Mary's pure and simple smile be a source of joy for each one of us as we face life’s difficulties.
2017-10-31 - May the Virgin Mary help us to take the first step each day in order to build peace in love, justice and truth.
2017-10-13 - In this centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, we thank God for the countless blessings we have received under her protection.
2017-10-13 - The statue of Our Lady of Aparecida was found by poor workers. May Mary bless all of us, but especially those seeking employment.
2017-10-07 - The Rosary is a synthesis of the mysteries of Christ: we contemplate them with Mary, who allows us to see with her eyes of faith and love.
2017-09-15 - The Lord does not leave us orphans: we have a Mother, the same one as Jesus. Mary takes care of us and always defends us.
2017-08-26 - May the Virgin Mary obtain for us the grace to be enlivened by the Holy Spirit, so we can witness to Christ with evangelical honesty.
2017-08-15 - Mary’s Assumption regards our future: it turns our gaze heavenward announcing the new heaven and new earth with Christ’s victory.
2017-08-13 - In Mary we see that humility is not a virtue of the weak but of the strong who don’t have to treat others badly to feel important.
2017-07-09 - I entrust sailors, fishermen, and all those in difficulty on the seas faraway from home, to the motherly protection of Mary, Star of the Sea.
2017-05-31 - Let us learn from the strong and helpful faith of our Mother Mary in order to become living signs of God’s mercy.
2017-05-29 - The motherly presence of Mary reminds us that God never tires of lowering himself in mercy over humanity.
2017-05-24 - Let us pray with Catholics in China, entrusting ourselves to Mary, for the grace to endure patiently and overcome challenges with love.
2017-05-24 - 讓我們與中國天主教徒一同祈禱,將我們託付於聖母瑪利亞,好使我們有足夠的恩寵藉著耐心和愛去克服一 切困難。
2017-05-21 - Mary teaches us to place our hope in God even when all seems without meaning, even when He seems hidden.
2017-05-13 - Fatima is more than anything this mantle of Light where we take refuge when we ask the Virgin Mary: “show unto us Jesus”.
2017-05-13 - Whenever we look to Mary, we come to believe once again in the revolutionary nature of love and tenderness.
2017-05-12 - Here in Fatima, I give praise to Christ, our peace, and I implore for the world concord among all peoples.
2017-05-12 - I ask everyone to join me as pilgrims of hope and peace: may your hands in prayer continue to support mine.
2017-05-11 - With Mary, as a pilgrim of hope and peace I travel to Fatima tomorrow.Let us see in her that everything is God’s gift and He is our strength.
2017-02-11 - I encourage all of you to see in Mary, Health of the Infirm, the sure sign of God’s love for every human being.
2017-01-08 - Let us ask the Virgin Mary to help us follow Christ on the way of faith and charity, the path set out by our Baptism.
2017-01-01 - Let us entrust the new year to Mary, Mother of God, so that peace and mercy may grow throughout the world.
2016-12-12 - On this Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, let us entrust to her the American peoples and the mission of the Church on that continent.
2016-10-18 - Lord, come to our aid! Grant us peace, guide our steps in the way of peace. Mary, our Mother, pray for us.
2016-10-09 - We Christians have a Mother, the same Mother that Jesus had; we have a Father, the same as Jesus. We are not orphans!
2016-10-88 - Our Lady also wants to bring the great gift of Jesus to us all; and with him she brings us his love, his peace, and his joy.
2016-10-07 - The Rosary is a prayer which always accompanies me. It’s also the prayer of ordinary people and the saints...and a prayer from my heart.
2016-10-03 - I entrust to Mary the anxieties and sufferings of those peoples who are innocent victims of conflicts in many parts of the world.
2016-08-15 - I entrust you to the maternal care of our Mother who lives in the glory of God and is always by our side on our life’s journey.
2016-08-14 - We ask Mary, our Mother, to help us to pray with a humble heart.
2016-05-31 - I join spiritually all those taking part in special devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary on this last day of the month of May.
2016-05-27 - Mary is an icon of how the Church must offer forgiveness to those who seek it.
2016-02-14 - Simply looking at you, O Mother, to have eyes only for you, looking upon you without saying anything...
2016-02-14 - Mary is the woman who says yes, a yes of surrender to God, a yes of surrender to her brothers and sisters. May we follow her example.
2016-02-13 - Dear Mexican friends, you are in my heart. Let us put our trust in the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe who always looks on us with tenderness.
2016-02-08 - In Mexico I will look into the eyes of the Virgin Mary and implore her to look upon us always with mercy. I entrust my journey to her.
2016-02-02 - Mary, Mother of Jesus, help us to share the wonders of the Lord with all whom we meet on the way.
2015-08-15 - Mary’s life shows that God accomplishes great deeds through those who are the most humble.
2015-08-13 - Mary is full of grace. She is a sure refuge for us in times of temptation.
2014-12-12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!
2014-12-08 - Let us learn from the Virgin Mary how to be bolder in obeying the word of God.
2014-12-06 - Advent begins a new journey. May Mary, our Mother, be our guide.
2014-09-18 - Mary, give us the grace of being joyful as we walk in the freedom of the children of God.
2014-09-02 - The Christian who does not feel that the Virgin Mary is his or her mother is an orphan.
2014-08-15 - Mary, Queen of Heaven, help us to transform the world according to God’s plan.
2014-08-14 - Mary, Queen of Peace, help us to root out hatred and live in harmony.
2014-05-31 - In the difficult moments of life, Christians can turn to the Mother of God and find protection and care.
2014-02-24 - Our Lady is always close to us, especially when we feel the weight of life with all its problems.
2014-01-23 - Like Mary, may we nurture the light born within us at Christmas. May we carry it everywhere in our daily lives.
2013-12-30 - Our Mother Mary is full of beauty because she is full of grace.
2013-12-10 - Mary, Our Mother, sustain us in moments of darkness, difficultly and apparent defeat.
2013-10-11 - När vi möter korset, vänder vi oss till Madonnan: Moder vår, ge oss styrkan att acceptera och omfamna korset!
2013-09-13 - Jesus är solen, Maria är gryningen som talar om hans uppgång.
2013-08-31 - Let us ask Mary to help us fix our eyes intently on Jesus, to follow him always, even when this is demanding.
2013-08-15 - Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, and guide us on the way that leads to Heaven.
2013-07-24 - Unga vänner, glöm aldrig detta: Jungfru Maria är vår Mor och med hennes hjälp kan vi förbli Kristus trogna.
2013-06-03 - Sometimes we know what we have to do, but we lack the courage to do it. Let us learn from Mary how to make decisions, trusting in the Lord.
2013-05-18 - We must learn from Mary, and we must imitate her unconditional readiness to receive Christ in her life.
2013-05-04 - Let us ask Our Lady to teach us how to live out our faith in our daily lives and to make more room for the Lord.
2013-04-22 - Maria är kvinnan som säger Ja. Maria, hjälp oss att alltid bättre känna igen Jesu röst och följa den.