Paulus' Brev til Galaterne  
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Galaterbrevet: 1. Introduksjon 23.06.2021 16
The path indicated by Saint Paul in his Letter to the Galatians is the path of meek and obedient trust, in the certainty that the Holy Spirit works in the Church in every age. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
2. Paulus, en virkelig apostel 30.06.2021 12-13
3. Det finnes bare ett evangelium 04.08.2021 18
The Gospel is the Good News and the force that changes our lives and hearts for the better. For this I ask you to read the Gospel every day and meditate on a short passage to be nourished from this inexhaustible source of salvation. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
Galaterbrevet: 4. Moseloven 11.08.2021 335-336
The external law cannot bring life because it does not change the heart. The radical newness of the Christian life is life according to the Holy Spirit who frees us from the law and at the same time brings it to fulfilment in the commandment of love. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
5. Lovens verdi som forberedelse 18.08.2021 336
It is good for us to ask ourselves if we still live in the period in which we need the Law (cfr Gal 3:23-25), or if instead we are fully aware of having received the grace of becoming children of God so as to live in love. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
6. Farene ved loven 25.08.2021 336
Let us ask the Lord to help us be consistent and to courageously combat anything that can lead us away from the truth and from the faith we profess. Only thus can we truly build unity and fraternity. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
7. Uforstandige galatere 01.09.2021 310
Saint Paul invites us too to reflect on how we live faith. Does the love of Christ, crucified and risen, remain at the centre of our life as the wellspring of salvation, or are we content with a few religious formalities to salve our consciences? #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
8. Vi er Guds barn 08.09.2021 200
9. Livet i troen 29.09.2021 337-339
The response of faith demands that we be active in our love for God and in our love of neighbour. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
10. Kristus har frigjort oss 06.10.2021 340
Freedom makes free to the extent to which it transforms a person’s life and directs it toward the good. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex  
11. Kristen frihet: univeralgjær for frigjøring 13.10.2021 340
The Lord has liberated us from slavery freely, and set us on the path to walk in the fullness of freedom. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex ....
12. Frihet realiseres i kjærlighet 20.10.2021 340
True freedom - freedom in Christ - does not seek personal interests, but is guided by love and is expressed in service to others, especially to the poor. Love makes us free, it leads us to choose and to do good, it motivates us to serve. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex ....
13. Åndens frukt 27.10.2021 100-105
The Spirit which flows forth from Jesus’ Passover is the origin of the spiritual life. He changes hearts: not our works, but the action of the Holy Spirit in us! #GeneralAudience @Pontifex ....
14. Å vandre i Ånden 03.11.2021 120;  205
Love is the supreme rule for following the path of Christ, it makes us aware of our weakness, and merciful and in solidarity with the difficulties and weaknesses of others. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex ....
15. Ikke la tretthet ta overhånd 10.11.2021 120;  205
"Faith in Christ in your heart is like Christ in the boat" (Saint Augustine). We wake Christ up in our hearts and then we can contemplate things with his vision because He sees beyond the storm. #GeneralAudience @Pontifex ....