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    Pave Frans og ungdom
„I de dage brød Maria op og skyndte sig til en by i Judæas bjergland“ (vgl. Luk 1:39) - VUD i Lisboa 2023
Pave Frans’ budskaber og mere: VUD, Prayer Festivals, The Chosen...

Evangelii Gaudium: Pave Frans’ første apostoliske formaning - Den nyevangelisering skal karakteriseres af glæde

  Den hellige Josef
“I encourage you to ask for the intercession of Saint Joseph precisely at the most difficult times in your life. Where our mistakes become a scandal, let us ask Saint Joseph to give us the courage to speak the truth, ask for forgiveness, and humbly begin again. #GeneralAudience” @Pontifex: 02/16/2022

  2021-2022 Familiens' år
“I have decided to declare a special year dedicated to the Family #Amorislaetitia, which will be inaugurated on the next Solemnity of Saint Joseph. Let us entrust this journey with families all over the world to the Holy Family of Nazareth.” @Pontifex: 12/27/2020

Video message: 2022 World Meeting of Families

Song: Welcome On Earth | Bernarda Brunovic

Sin mission i den nye evangelisering. Verden møder af familier og undervisning for familier

  De ældre
“As we approach the end of our lives, the essentials of life that we hold most dear become definitively clear to us. Our whole life appears like a seed that will have to be buried so that its flower and its fruit can be born.” @Pontifex: 08/24/2022

  Paulus' Brev til Galaterne

Pave Frans' katekese og forklaring

""Faith in Christ in your heart is like Christ in the boat" (Saint Augustine). We wake Christ up in our hearts and then we can contemplate things with his vision because He sees beyond the storm. #GeneralAudience“ @Pontifex: 10.11.2021

  Den hellige Messe og Eukaristien
Pave Frans' katekese og prædikener

Nye apostoliske brev «Desiderio desideravi»
Om liturgisk formasjon av Guds folk

  Fredsbudskab 2022
September 2022: "By investing in the education and training of younger generations, we can help them – through a focused programme of formation – to take their rightful place in the labour market. [17]   Se mere)
“May this year's theme, “Listen to the voice of creation”, foster a concrete commitment in each person to take care of our common home. Prey to our consumerist excesses, our sister, mother earth, weeps and implores us to put an end to our abuses and destruction. #SeasonOfCreation” @Pontifex: 01.09.2022
Encyklika Laudato Si' - ’Lovet være du’ - pave Frans’ nye encyklika om forvaltningen af vort fælles hjem

Official website Laudato Si'


NY! Pave Frans' katekese

  Apostlenes Gerninger

Pave Frans' katekese og forklaring

    Skole for bøn
"Our prayers are fulfilled and completed when we intercede for others and take care of their concerns and needs. #Prayer does not separate us or isolate us from anyone, as it is love for all. #GeneralAudience“ @Pontifex: 16.06.2021

Pave Frans' og Pave Benedikt XVI' katekese

    Helligåndens syv gaver: Karismer
@Pontifex: "The Holy Spirit is the Gift of God who helps us to be free people, people who want and know how to love, people who understand that life is a mission to proclaim the wonders that the Lord accomplishes in those who trust in him." - Pave Frans' katekese

Pave Frans' katekese om dåben
”Let us remain united to the Lord Jesus through listening to the Word, through the sacraments, a life of fraternity and service to others.” @Pontifex: 19.05.2019

  Jomfru Maria, Theotokos - Værdighed og mission af kvinden
"Let us entrust ourselves to the maternal intercession of Mary Most Holy so that the Holy Spirit may descend in abundance upon the Church of our time, fill the hearts of all the faithful and kindle in them the fire of his love. @Pontifex: 24.05.2021
”Kvinder i Kirken”: Jomfru Maria, Theotokos

    Kaldet til hellighed
Saint Bakhita, patron saint of victims of trafficking, faced the pain of slavery and witnessed the freedom and joy of encountering the Lord. Let us pray that all may live this joy and break the chains of slavery. #PrayAgainstTrafficking”  @Pontifex: 08.02.2020
Budskaber af paverne om hellighed

NY!  «Gled og fryd dere» - «Om kallet til hellighet i dagens verden» - [Mere]
Pave Frans’ tredje apostoliske formaning

"Today the Church praises stability. “Trust in the Lord forever, because the Lord is an eternal Rock” (Isa 26:4). Those who trust in the Lord will always be safe, because their foundations are sunk into the Rock. #HomilySantaMarta“ @Pontifex: 05.12.2019
Fundamentet og oprindelsen af Kirken - Pave Frans' katekese 2013-2014

  Guds barmhjertighed 
"The #GospelOfTheDay (Lk 19:1-10) shows us that the merciful gaze of the Lord reaches us before we even realize that we need it to be saved.“ @Pontifex: 03.11.2019
Mødet med den Barmhjertige Jesus og opdage skønheden i sakramenterne

  Misericordia et misera
Apostoliske ekshortation af Pave Frans
Pastoral instructions for the 21th Century priests 

    Det kristne håb
Pavens Frans' katekese
“Listening to the simple and clear words of Jesus about life after death in the #GospelOfToday (Lk 20:27-38) gives great consolation and hope. We need this a lot in our time, so rich in knowledge about the universe but so poor in wisdom about eternal life.” @Pontifex: 10.11.2019

  De Ti Bud
Pave Frans' katekese og forklaring 


Pave Frans' katekese

    Hvad er tro? Jeg tror på Gud
Pave Benedikt XVI' og pave Frans' katekeser i løbet af Troens Året 2012-2013, se "Katekesen af den Hellige Fader og YOUCAT"

Encyklika Lumen Fidei - Oplev skønheden af troens lys



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