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    Bispesynode 2018 med temaet «De unge, tro og kallsbedømmelse»
Synode 2018: Hjemmesiden med forberedelsesdokumentet, spørgsmål og Pave Frans’ brev til de unge
Ny TWEET og Pave Frans’ budskaber, også om Verdensungdomsdagen 2017

  Jomfru Maria, Theotokos - Værdighed og mission af kvinden
"I entrust sailors, fishermen, and all those in difficulty on the seas faraway from home, to the motherly protection of Mary, Star of the Sea.“ @Pontifex: 09.07.2017
”Kvinder i Kirken”: Jomfru Maria, Theotokos

  Centennial of the Apparitions of Fatima 1917-2017
Let us go with the Mother of God, Queen of the Rosary, to her divine Son Jesus Christ, through Pope Francis' teaching

  Fredsbudskab 2017
Juli 2017: “The Christian communities made their own contribution by their insistent prayer and courageous action. Particularly influential were the ministry and teaching of Saint John Paul II.”  ( Se mere)
    Det kristne håb
Pavens Frans' katekese
“There is great need to feed Christian hope, which gives us a new view capable of discovering and seeing the good.” @Pontifex: 30.06.2017

  Guds barmhjertighed 
"Mercy warms the heart and makes it sensitive to the needs of brothers and sisters with sharing and participation.“ @Pontifex: 24.06.2017
Mødet med den Barmhjertige Jesus og opdage skønheden i sakramenterne

    ”Go forth and reach out to all people at the margins of society! Go there and be the Church,
with the strength of the Holy Spirit.”

Fundamentet og oprindelsen af Kirken - Pave Frans' katekese 2013-2014
    Helligåndens syv gaver: Karismer
@Pontifex: "Go forth and reach out to all people at the margins of society! Go there and be the Church, with the strength of the Holy Spirit." - Pave Frans' katekese

    7 SAKRAMENTER: ”Lent is the favourable season for renewing our encounter with Christ, living in his word, in the sacraments and in our neighbour.”
@Pontifex: 12.03.2017
”Sakramenter”: Pave Frans' katekese og tweets

    Skole for bøn
"There is much need of prayer and penitence to implore the grace of conversion and an end to the many wars throughout the world.“ @Pontifex: 14.06.2017
Pave Benedikt XVI' katekese og Pave Frans' tweets

    Kaldet til hellighed
“The Church needs everyday saints, those of ordinary life carried out with coherence.”  @Pontifex: 07.06.2017
Budskaber af paverne om hellighed

  Familien: ”I thank God for parents who strive to live in love and keep moving forward, even if they fall many times along the way.”
Sin mission i den nye evangelisering. Verden møder af familier og undervisning for familier
  Misericordia et misera
Apostoliske ekshortation af Pave Frans
Pastoral instructions for the 21th Century priests 

“Saint Francis, teach us to be instruments of peace which has its source in God.” @Pontifex: 04.10.2016
Encyklika Laudato Si' - ’Lovet være du’ - pave Frans’ nye encyklika om forvaltningen af vort fælles hjem

    Hvad er tro? Jeg tror på Gud
Pave Benedikt XVI' og pave Frans' katekeser i løbet af Troens Året 2012-2013, se "Katekesen af den Hellige Fader og YOUCAT"

Evangelii Gaudium: første apostoliske ekshortation - Den nyevangelisering skal karakteriseres af glæde

Encyklika Lumen Fidei - Oplev skønheden af troens lys



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